#WOLWeek 18-24 November 201: Sharing the Benefits of Working Out Loud


Next week from 18-24 November will be International Working Out Loud Week.  This WOLWeek the theme will be ‘Sharing the Benefits of Working Out Loud.’  WOLWeek is all about advocacy of the practice of working out loud by surfacing and sharing the stories of the global Working Out Loud communities.  WOLWeek is a celebration of any forms of sharing work in practice openly with a relevant community, whatever that practice may be called. We embrace open work, narrating work, share your work, and many other names, practices and schemes of bringing work in progress out in the open so that it can find its community.

Practitioners of working out loud know best how they benefit from the practices. This WOLWeek we are inviting them to share their stories and narrate the practices that they use to deliver benefits for their organisations for to others in their community and for themselves.

Each workday of WOLWeek we will be exploring a daily theme to prompt members of the global WOL community to reflect on and share their experiences.  These themes build on Simon Terry‘s Value Maturity Model of Collaboration:


  • Monday 18 November: The Benefits of Connection
  • Tuesday 19 November: The Benefits of Sharing
  • Wednesday 20 November: The Benefits of SolvingLearning
  • Thursday 21 November: The Benefits of SolvingProblem Solving
  • Friday 22 November: The Benefits of Innovation

Throughout the week we will also be sharing posts, interviews and stories from the WOLWeek community on this site. If you have something you would like us to promote, please get in touch.

Also the hosts of ESNChat have kindly agreed to focus the weekly ESNChat for next week on Working Out Loud. Join in the discussion there on twitter.

Keep your eyes out for other events and activities organised by the global WOL community. You can also take a lead and organise your own events and activities.

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