Share the Benefits of Working Out Loud – 18-24 November 2019

International Working Out Loud Week returns from 18-24 November 2019. The theme of this week is ‘Share the benefits of working out Loud’.

WOLWeek is unashamedly a week of advocacy with an international community. We want to share the benefits to encourage others to practice WOL. We also want to share the benefits so that more people experience how WOL can help them to connect to others, learn and achieve their goals.

Diverse Benefits

This theme was inspired by the ongoing work global WOL community and in particular two tweets today. They reminded me that more people need to experience the benefits of sharing work in progress out loud in a relevant community.

The first from Larry Glickman outlined the financial benefits of Working Out Loud:

The second tweet from Rachel Happe describes the human benefits of collaborating in community. Working out loud in these communities enables degrees of freedom for human potential:

We already have a number of activities planned for #wolweek, but add your own. In a future post, we will share some ideas for how, but the simplest is to work out loud in any way that suits your work, your community and your goals. Join with us to celebrate and share the benefits of Working Out Loud.

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