WOLWeek Resources

This resource list is only a fraction of the public resources that are available to help you and your organization make the most of Working Out Loud Week.  They are arranged in two sections:

  • Section 1: Resources devoted to running WOLWeek in your organization
  • Section 2: A few highlights of Working Out Loud resources. You will find many more if you search #wol, #workingoutloud and #wolweek

Section 1: WOLWeeek Resources

How to Run Your Own WOLWeek

In case you missed WOLWeek, here are steps to run your own WOLWeek

Seven Days of Working Out Loud


The Community Manager Guide to WOLWeek



The Employee Guides to WOLWeek


WOLWeek Use Cases


Section 2: WOL Resources

Books on Working Out Loud:

The Five Elements of Working Out Loud

The Five Elements of Working Out Loud are:

  • Relationships
  • Generosity
  • Visible Work
  • Purposeful Discovery
  • A Growth Mindset

John Stepper’s TED Talk

John Stepper’s Work Circle Guides

The free guides for a 12-week small group peer coaching process to enable people to practice working out loud with the support of a working out loud circle are found on workingoutloud.com

The Three Habits of Working Out Loud




Working Out Loud What? Where? Why?