#WOLWeek Day 3: Sharing the Benefits of Solving – Learning


This International Working Out Loud week we are celebrating the practice of working out loud with the global #WOL community. The theme of this week is “Sharing the Benefits of Working Out Loud”.

Today we are focused on “The Benefits of Solving – Learning”.

Solving – Learning

One of the biggest barriers to success at work is a lack of capability. When you lack the capability or the confidence for a task, work can be a lonely and daunting place. Working Out Loud can help solve this challenge.

Many of our work problems and barriers can be address when someone with experience, capability or an answer comes to our rescue. The challenge in the modern workplace is how to invite in others to help.

Working Out Loud is a great way to enable others to understand how they can help you. The magic of collaboration is that these moments are not a zero sum game. The help you receive rarely hurts others. The organisation overall wins and all the individuals win through the sharing of expertise to address problems.

Our work can also help others to learn what they need to do to address their challenges. The narration of our work in process can reveal both tacit and explicit knowledge that will benefit others. Simply observing work in progress can be a powerful example for learning.

A challenge for today

Share a challenge you face with a piece of work in progress with a relevant community. Ask them for help and suggestions. Explore the diverse potential contributions to your work and the learning that follows.

A Reminder of This week’s program

  • Monday 18 November: The Benefits of Connection
  • Tuesday 19 November: The Benefits of Sharing
  • Wednesday 20 November: The Benefits of SolvingLearning
  • Thursday 21 November: The Benefits of SolvingProblem Solving
  • Friday 22 November: The Benefits of Innovation

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