#WOLWeek Day 2: Sharing the Benefits of Working Out Loud: The Benefits of Sharing


This International Working Out Loud week we are celebrating the practice of working out loud with the global #WOL community. The theme of this week is “Sharing the Benefits of Working Out Loud”.

Yesterday, it was exciting to see the global community respond to #WOLWeek and renew connections around the world.

Today we are focused on “The Benefits of Sharing”.


Sharing is at the heart of the practice of working out loud. Mostly we focus on the sharing of information, but the process of sharing work still in progress shares a great deal more. Yesterday, we spoke of how it shares the context that founds deep relationships.

Working out loud also develops sharing in a much wider and richer human sense. A culture of working out loud fosters the sharing of purposes, goals, practices, resources and the efforts that signifies community. Rich sharing encourages participation and engagement by levelling the organisation at a peer-to-peer level and recognising each individual. This sense of understanding, community and growing reciprocity provides the impetus for growing trust.

A challenge for today

Share one piece of your work in progress with a relevant community. Ask them for help and suggestions. Explore the diverse potential contributions to your work and the learning that follows.

A Reminder of This week’s program

  • Monday 18 November: The Benefits of Connection
  • Tuesday 19 November: The Benefits of Sharing
  • Wednesday 20 November: The Benefits of SolvingLearning
  • Thursday 21 November: The Benefits of SolvingProblem Solving
  • Friday 22 November: The Benefits of Innovation

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