About WOLWeek

What is International Working Out Loud Week?

International Working Out Loud Week promotes the practice of working out loud. The goal of a week dedicated to working out loud is to create the circumstances where individuals and organizations are prepared to experiment with working out loud. This is achieved by celebrating working out loud and creating opportunities to connect individuals and organizations with others practicing and learning ways to work out loud.

When does International Working Out Loud Week Occur?

Whenever it needs to. Working out loud can occur any time.

The next week is 18-24 November 2019

What is Working Out Loud?

Working Out Loud is the practice of sharing work in progress with a relevant community to enable learning and collaboration.

For a richer explanation of working out loud, read John Stepper’s The Five Elements of Working Out Loud.

Who is organizing International Working Out Loud Week?

International working Out Loud week is a disorganized project of Jonathan Anthony, Austen Hunter and Simon Terry. We are each champions of working out loud as a practice and wanted to see more opportunities to connect with others. We don’t spend too much time or money making this adventure happen so please understand if it is a little disorganized. We like it that way. Most of our working occurs out loud so feel free to join in on twitter, google+ or wherever you can find us.

No profits were harmed in the making of this adventure.


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