#WOLWeek Day 4: The Benefits of Working Out Loud – The Benefits of Solving Problems


This International Working Out Loud week we are celebrating the practice of working out loud with the global #WOL community. The theme of this week is “Sharing the Benefits of Working Out Loud”.

Today we are focused on “The Benefits of Solving – Problem Solving”.

Solving – Problem Solving

Everyone has problems. Nothing about work is routine or predictable any more in our rapidly changing complex world. The challenge for everyone is how to solve problems as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Working out loud brings the whole community around your work in to assist you to solve problems and to allow you to contribute to the problems that others face. An adage says that a ‘problem shared is a problem halved’. Working out loud is a systemic approach to reduce problems.

We can be reluctant to share our problems for fear of looking less than perfect. However, the openness of working out loud enables us to understand that everyone has problems and challenges. We also discover that it is not a burden for others to contribute. In fact, they often enjoy the experience.

A consistent practice of working out loud creates a culture of reciprocity and generosity that makes this kind of collaborative problem solving the routine business task it should be. The best way to start is giving first. Go solve some’s problem today.

A challenge for today

Find a problem to which you can contribute in a relevant community. Offer them help and suggestions. Explore the diverse potential contributions to the work of others and the learning that follows.

A Reminder of This week’s program

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