Working Out Loud in Your Organisation and Networks


Working Out Loud in Your Organisation

International Working Out Loud week is a great time to share the practice of working out loud in your organisation. Introduce others to the opportunities to benefit by sharing their work publicly and purposefully.

If your organisation has social collaboration or digital workplace tools, then you have the networks to share your work internally with ease. The barriers are likely the culture of collaboration in your workplace. Invest time in explaining the benefits and helping people with the perceived challenges of working out loud. There are plenty of resources available to assist with this. (If you need suggestions, just ask out loud.)

Consider launching working out loud with a public campaign or event. A pilot of working out loud circles is a great way to support people through the process of adopting a new practice and to develop some case studies of the benefits.

If you don’t then consider ways to encourage people to make the work more public using post it notes or posters around your workplace. Choose one important project to share as work in progress, to get early feedback from stakeholders and to crowdsource some suggestions on how to advance it. If you want to be more sophisticated in your approach, consider the Google Design Sprint methodology to bring a little agility and design thinking into your work in a fast and simple way.

Working Out Loud in Your Networks

All wolweek the global community of working out loud practitioners will be sharing their ideas, suggestions and experiences. Join the Working Out Loud Facebook group. Discover the conversation on social channels using #workingoutloud, #wol and #wolweek. Make some connections with people around the world who can help you with your work and your learning.

Most importantly, how can some public sharing of your work or your goals, help you achieve some purposeful goal. You will be surprised by what some thoughtful sharing of your work in the right networks can surface. Use working out loud week as chance to experiment and try something new.

You don’t have to use social media to work out loud in your networks. Just take a piece of work and show it to a colleague or a friend who might be able to help. You will learn something in the process.

We look forward to seeing you in the global conversation or at least benefiting from your own networks.

International Working Out Loud Week Partners

International Working Out Loud week is proudly supported by its principal partnerĀ Change Agents Worldwide, a network of professionals specialising in future of work technologies and practice. Members of Change Agents Worldwide actively practice, consult on and advocate working out loud.


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