#WOLWEEK: 7-13 Nov 2016

International Working Out Loud week returns from 7-13 November 2016. The global movement for working out loud will again come together to explore this key practice for personal and organisational effectiveness. The more digital transformation advances, the more aware we are of the networks in and around our work and the better we need to be able to leverage new transparent ways of working to fulfil purpose.

For this International Working Out Loud week, the theme will be “Working and Sharing Purposefully”.  We are looking to explore your stories and your experiences of working out loud with a focus on how you have made purposeful choices in the way you make your work visible to others and how sharing your work has helped shape the purpose of your work.

The first question raised by Working Out Loud in John Stepper’s view is “what am I trying to accomplish?”  We can all benefit in our effectiveness and enjoyment of work from a greater focus and sense of purpose.  Our engagement with others in our work and in our networks is a key way to explore purpose and to understand better the outcomes and impacts of our work.

This International Working Out Loud week share your work with purpose and use the hashtag #wolweek so that others can discover and learn from your work.


International Working Out Loud Week Partners

International Working Out Loud week is proudly supported by its principal partner Change Agents Worldwide, a network of professionals specialising in future of work technologies and practice. Members of Change Agents Worldwide actively practice, consult on and advocate working out loud.


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