Working Out Loud Interviews – Susan Basterfield

Our second volunteer to be interviewed out loud is Susan Basterfield, Catalyst & Cultivator – Founder @opentogrow.  Susan has been an advocate of working out loud in the vibrant New Zealand community and shares how her network has grown through working out loud.

What benefits do you see from your practices of working out loud?

Living on a small island in the South Pacific has benefits and challenges. The manifold expansion of my worldwide network in 3 short months of Working Out Loud has fundamentally impacted the trajectory of my purpose and journey.

The two circles I am in  are a bit unique – we are a random collection of interested individuals; we don’t work in the same organisation. The diversity of ideas and inputs offers another level of exploration and challenge that one might not get within the firm.

What challenges do you have to manage in working out loud?

Trying to explain it to others.  It is a fundamental shift in thinking about how we utilise networks, leverage influence and opportunity.  But most of all, the magical benefits of leading with generosity – giving thanks or feedback without the expectation of anything in return and how making that practice a joyful habit changes everything.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve worked out loud on?

I don’t know how unusual this is – but I’ve worked with my WOL counterparts on opposite ends of the planet to share the practice and invitation – hosting live demonstrations and fielding questions. My most wonderful moments Working Out Loud so far have been in the connections I’ve been able to make for others – putting together individuals from my ever expanding network who might have taken alot longer to find each other!

Any other advice for someone starting out or encouraging people to take up working out loud?

Trust the process, and trust your circle mates.  Use your circle as a place to experiment – to trust, share, be vulnerable, be yourself and ask for help. Just put yourself and your work out there – and be fearless.


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