Working Out Loud Interview – Katharina Perschke

For this #wolweek we are experimenting with a new initiative, interviews worked out loud, the first volunteer to be interviewed is Katharina Perschke of Bosch Diesel Systems. Katharina has been an enthusiastic champion of Working Out Loud within her initiative “Digital Transformation @ Bosch Diesel Systems”  You can learn more about Katharina at

What benefits do you see from your practices of working out loud?

I personally love working in and with networks, because this responsive working style is based on direct peer-feedback and recognition. It is fun and makes my work more purposeful and me much more efficient. It is great to share what I do and how and to get to know from others that this is beneficial and creates value add, just because others save time by copying, avoid double work or learn from me and my mistakes.

John Stepper’s circle method is really helpful with small peer groups learning and experiencing over 12 weeks WOL together. I see people losing their fear and reservation to use our internal social collaboration platform. Also they start to build a purposeful network virtually, and based on the recognition they give to others they experience how responsive work can be. They become great multipliers for our vision of a highly connected and agile company.

What challenges do you have to manage in working out loud?

I see that people are very much focussing only on their own business and targets. They do not have time to support others and fear to share their knowledge and experiences to secure their job. But with this behaviour a change in our culture and working style is impossible. We want to really become connected and get value add out of connectivity. So connectivity is still not understood as the next step in evolution and something which brings value add.

Another topic is that to really bring WOL into our daily work some of our managers want to see a kind of measurement for this value add, like ROI (return on investment) figures for the WOL method. They don’t trust “if it’s good for you it is good for the firm”, they still follow the traditional way of management: measurement, and improving existing processes, not trying out something new.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve worked out loud on?

The most unusual thing? I guess that was to make my annual targets transparently available for everybody. And why not? Those are my targets and it is ok that others know what I try to reach and on which topics I focus on.

Any other advice for someone starting out or encouraging people to take up working out loud?

Don’t plan too much or try to organize everything – just start and give it a try, it’s fun! It is really like magic what can happen on this journey 🙂 If you do not know what to share or how to write something ask yourself: “what would a third person think of it, who does not know me”. And last but not least: Trust in yourself and believe that it’s often the small things which create value add.

About interviews worked out loud: Interviews worked out loud is an open interview initiative. Anyone can submit answers to the questions above or their own questions on working out loud for publication on this blog.


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