#WOLWeek: Recognising Those Who Enable, Encourage and Inspire Us


We don’t work alone. We shouldn’t work in silence. Most importantly we should recognise those who enable, encourage and inspire us.

This Working Out Loud Week we are looking to recognise those who contribute to our work. Share the work of others who help you to do your best work. The world is short of recognition. It can always do with an abundant supply.  Recognising others is one of the greatest contributions you can make to other people.

Many people don’t even realise that their work enables, encourages and inspires others. The simple act of recognition can change someone’s perception of their work and their impact.  Recognition is a reinforcement and clarification of purpose too. Help others to understand how they do their best work by sharing and praising that work.

The best recognition has some key characteristics:

  • Shared openly in a relevant community: You don’t have to use public social media to recognise a contribution. Depending on what is right in each circumstance it may stretch from a simple team conversation to public recognition.
  • Personal: Bring a part of you into how you tell the story. Include emotions
  • Specific Storytelling: Tell a story of how the other person’s work has benefited you. Add enough details so that you and they can relate to the exact moment.
  • Describe the Benefit: How are you better off? Make sure you share
  • Timely: Timely recognition is most valuable. Now is the best time if you are late.

Sharing recognition openly helps create a culture of generosity and recognition. Recognition helps inspire others to replicate the role modelled actions. These are worthy additional benefits of your working out loud this WOLWeek.

Who do you need to recognise this week?

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