#WOLWeek Day 3: Contribute


Working Out Loud Week is from 5-11 June 2017.  Working Out Loud Week is a chance for a global community of practitioners to find new freedom to work together to practice sharing work in progress with relevant communities for learning and collaboration. The theme of this WOLWeek is ‘Contribute and Create Value’

Day 3: Contribute

When we think of working out loud, our thoughts often go first to sharing. We begin with how our work can be shared with others. However, in the design of these five days of WOLWeek, we have put contribution before sharing.  The generosity of contribution is what turns a network into a community.  To share effectively and for mutual benefit, it helps to begin with generosity.

Our work is built on the foundation of our knowledge, our skills, our experiences and our place in the world. Everyone has this foundation to their work and each person’s set of capabilities and context is unique. We all have the ability to contribute our attention, capabilities, and context to the work of others.

Contributing generously to others builds our networks into communities. This develops relationships for future collaboration and learning.

We don’t need to be interesting to work out loud.  We have unique abilities to contribute to others.  We need to be interested in others and contribute to their work.

How can you show interest in the work of others? How can you recognise their efforts? How can you share your capabilities and context to advance their work?

Choose someone relevant to your work and make a contribution today.

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