International Working Out Loud Week will return from 5-11 June 2017.  Join the international community of working out loud practitioners as they share experiences, practices and other stories of working out loud.

Working Out Loud is one of the key practices of the new digital workplace.  Sharing work in progress with a relevant community is a great way to help others to learn or to add their contributions to your work.  Working Out Loud is a great way to accelerate social learning, collaboration, and innovation in your teams.

There’s no one right way to work out loud.  We don’t mind if you call what you do working out loud, sharing your work or whether you just do it. Use technology or don’t use technology, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you share your work and WOLWeek is a great opportunity to get involved and learn from others who practice working out loud.

Look out for future activities and updates on #wolweek across social channels.