Working Out Loud Thoughts for #WOLWeek

There is no one way to work out loud.
There is no right way to work out loud.

Purpose is your guide.
The best way to work out loud is to work out loud with purpose and gerosity.

You don’t need technology to work out loud.
You just need work, a place to share and a community.
The best time to start is now.

Once you start, continuity is key to community.
Start with communities related to your purpose and work.
Everyone doesn’t need to know about your work.
Someone does.
You will find someone in the right community.
Community is the best support for working out loud.

You can’t predict the benefits of working out loud.
The benefits flow from your purpose.
The best way to get benefits is to give them.
Give to support the work of others.
Give support and recognition to the work of others.
Give ideas and resources to help others work.
Give help, time and effort.

Trust your process.
Trust your people.
Trust your instincts.

Learn by doing the work.
Learn from experiments.
Learn from mistakes.
Learn from what you don’t share and why.
Learn from others.

Share your ideas.
Share your experiences.
Share your challenges.
Share your lessons and insights.
Share your networks.
Share your work in progress.

Work and Share with Purpose.

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