Working Out Loud in Action – Ayelet Baron

Ayelet Baron (@ayeletb) helps people thrive – she is a global strategist who speaks, writes and consults people and organizations to gain a 21st century edge. Today Ayelet is at the forefront of fixing what’s broken in business and transforming organizations

Ayelet shares how working out loud is much more effective than meetings:

1) What do you recommend for someone considering starting a practice of working out loud?
When we have the right people having more conversations, we can co-create. Working out loud enriches my work by getting thoughts and insights, even from people who disagree and bring divergent points of view. It all makes my work better. Imagine what it can do for you?

2) How do you maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of working out loud?
I am so wary of all the talk about collaboration and organizations that lead with tools and technology. Today, I find working out loud is much more effective than some meetings. People get to interact with each other in new ways and often it decreases some meetings as well. One of my clients that is experimenting with working out loud has moved work across geographies into their community and are not only co-creating but starting to become a trusted community. The challenge is that some people initially don’t feel comfortable working in this new way so we spend time with them to help them understand the concept and get up to speed with the benefits. It’s not for everyone. But when the leader chooses it as a way of working, magic happens. But one of the challenges continues to be in the technology itself as without intelligent tagging, it is often challenging to find content. I use other tools to curate content so I can go back to it.

3) Tell us a story of when working out loud surprised you:
I was delighted when my client ran two design labs in two locations and decided to work out loud on them. One team would share and because it was on different time zones, the conversations just flowed. Unusual suspects started jumping into the conversation. We were no longer working out loud. We were simply working.

4) How does working out loud support your work?
It improves my work by building a wonderful generous community. I learn a lot from other people and now that I am no longer working in a large corporate setting, I still get to co-create with people all over the world.

5) Who inspires you to work out loud?
The best example is my Change Agents Worldwide community who generously share. It is inspiring to learn from them and also communities that I have built on social networks that are valuable to me. It is always about the human connection. I have developed a methodology around connected networks and working out loud is at the heart of it since we live in an open world of connections.

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