Working out loud about Working Out Loud

Great overview by Jodi Brown (@JodiMBrown) of her thoughts and approach to working out loud this week:

My views from the edge

I’ve heard lots of people tweeting and talking about Working out Loud or #WOL over the last year or so. It’s one of those things that I haven’t really gone to great lengths to understand: not because I’m not disinterested: far from it. I think it’s because I’ve accepted it at face value and have applied a common sense, intuitive approach to understanding its principles and practice, I guess I’ve taken a heuristic or ‘laxidazical’ approach. On one level, I think that’s fine and probably what many busy people do. With the advent of #WOLweek from 17-24 November, I wanted to challenge my preconceptions and possible misconceptions about WOL in public, and it couldn’t get much more public than in a blog.

So here goes. This is the introductory post to my #WOLweek blog.

My take on WOL

To me, WOL is like having a massive, public projection screen of…

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