Working Out Loud in Action – Amy Dolzine

Amy Dolzine (@amydolz) is an Enterprise Social champion at Lubrizol who is helping that organisation to work out loud and leverage the benefits of collaboration.  Amy is also a key contributor to the Yammer Customer Network where she shares her lessons and engages others in discussion on how to foster social collaboration.

Amy shares how working out loud enables her to jump into the meaningful and impactful part of conversations because it builds connection:

  1. How should some start out working out loud?
    If your nervous, start in one group (even a private group) where you know most of the people and post something – your presentation, your half-baked idea, your mostly complete document. Post anything (as long as it’s mostly a solid piece). In my experience, people like to contribute to make something that’s good just a little bit BETTER not always start from scratch. They don’t want to do all the work for you. Remember to @ mention specific people to get their opinion. Tell them you’ve been working on it and now you want their input to make it better. Tell them all comments and critiques are welcome and that you are scared about getting started – but how else do you get started unless you just – well – DO!
  2.  What are the benefits and risks of working out loud?
    Benefits: Tremendous feedback. Seeing people voice the concerns you have about the piece more eloquently than you can. Sometimes you’re too close to it and can’t see the forest for the trees – so you need more eyes on it.
    Risks: What if no one comments? Does that mean I’m a failure? In our corporate culture – people don’t like to criticize in public so it makes them uncomfortable too. So it’s a bit risky for them, but once they see a few brave souls, they jump in.
  3.  When has working out loud surprised you?
    TODAY! I wanted to contribute to this thread, so I tried (in advance of WOL week) to post two things. I did just as I say above and BANG! In 12 hours I got so much great feedback and an offer for a face-to-face meeting to make something better! Collaboration at its finest!
  4. How has working out loud changed your work relationships?
    I, in general, HATE H*A*T*E small talk. Life is too short for that – I tend to be direct and just jump right into conversations. With Yammer, that small talk business is absent. You just get to jump right into working with people and that’s where the magic happens. I have met people I would have never met before. I am friends with people 1/2 way around the world whom I may never actually see and I count on them for their feedback. I feel closer to my colleagues who work just a few offices away. I feel inspired to make things better for them and to help them as much as they help me.
  5. Who inspires you to work out loud?
    I love the amazing people of the YCN! You know who you are! And back at the ranch (so they say) I am inspired by my colleagues who need a little help on something – I see them struggling and I can see how great it would be if they would just ask for help.

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