Working Out Loud in Action – Clark Quinn

Clark Quinn, Ph.D. (@Quinnovator), is a recognized leader in learning technology strategy, helping organizations take advantage of information systems to meet learning, knowledge, and performance needs which he delivers through his business Quinnovations. Clark is a Partner of the Internet Time Alliance and a member of Change Agents Worldwide. In 2012, he was awarded the eLearning Guild’s first Guild Master designation.

Clark is a long time practitioner of working out loud and shared his story of starting out small with working out loud.

  1. What do you recommend for someone considering starting a practice of working out loud?
    Like most successful changes, having reasonable goals, reward yourself, accept that there will be setbacks, make it a habit, and do it for yourself.

  2. How do I maximise the benefits or minimise the risks of working out loud?
    Minimize risks by not broadcasting it wide, start small and let folks you trust read and provide feedback to help shape your approach.

  3. Tell us a story of when working out loud surprised you:
    I started mind mapping keynotes to help me listen better (a bit of cognitive overhead keeps the ADD mind from wandering too far), and posted it to the blog just because. To my surprise, they generated a lot of interest.  Also, I find folks referring to material that has appeared there.
  4. How does working out loud support your work?
    I have received great feedback as well as recognition for it.  The recognition has built credibility for business engagements, while the feedback has really improved my thinking and work.

  5. Who inspires you to practice working out loud?
    Harold Jarche and Jane Hart have been fearless and indefatigable bloggers who inspire me to continue and improve

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