#WOLWeek Day 3: Contribute

Working Out Loud Week is from 5-11 June 2017.  Working Out Loud Week is a chance for a global community of practitioners to find new freedom to work together to practice sharing work in progress with relevant communities for learning and collaboration. The theme of this WOLWeek is ‘Contribute and Create Value’ Day 3: Contribute When we think of working out loud, our thoughts often go first to sharing. We begin with how our work can be shared with others. However, in the design of these five days of WOLWeek, we have put contribution before sharing.  The generosity of contribution … Continue reading #WOLWeek Day 3: Contribute

#WOLWeek Day 2: Connect

From 5-11 June 2017, it is Working Out Loud Week, a celebration of the practice of sharing work in progress in a relevant community. This WOLWeek the theme is Contribute and Create value. Day 2: Connect Working out loud involves sharing your work with a relevant community. It is all about creating new connections. Making your work more effective can be as simple as adding one more person to the conversation around your work. New people bring new perspectives, new skills and experiences and new energy to your work. New people can contribute and add value to your work in … Continue reading #WOLWeek Day 2: Connect

#WOLWEEK Day 1: Purpose

Working Out Loud Week is a chance to step into a degree of freedom, a chance to enable change in the way you and your community works.  From 5-11 June 2017, a global community of working out loud practitioners will come together to connect, to share and to learn.  This year’s theme is ‘Contribute and Create Value‘, reflecting that generous contribution is the heart of working out loud. Purpose We start Working Out Loud week with a reflection on the purpose of work because we want to ensure working out loud adds value for you and your community.  Working out … Continue reading #WOLWEEK Day 1: Purpose

How We Organize Working Out Loud at Bosch

The theme of this year’s #WOLWEEK from June 5-11, 2017, is “Contribute and Create Value”. So, this time it’s not only me contributing privately, but we as Working Out Loud (WOL) enthusiasts from the Robert Bosch GmbH. With this post, we want to create value for others by sharing how we organize the topic WOL and WOL circles. We hope that motivates more companies to introduce WOL and its circle method, answers some questions which I get very often and that you find these insights helpful. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly … Continue reading How We Organize Working Out Loud at Bosch

WOLWeek 5-11 June 2017 – One Degree of Freedom to Change

Next week is International Working Out Loud Week (5-11 June). For the week, a global community of working out loud practitioners, advocates and organizations will share their work, their lessons, and their stories.  This WOLWeek the theme is “Contribute and Create Value”. We created Working Out Loud week to draw attention to working out loud. Importantly, we also wanted to authorize people to share their interest in or passion for working out loud. In corporate life and in social situations, we can often worry whether we have the authority or the permission to share. Our actions are tightly constrained. Acceptable behaviour … Continue reading WOLWeek 5-11 June 2017 – One Degree of Freedom to Change